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[alice] child of pure unclouded brow

Thus grew the tale of Wonderland

Alice! a childish story take

The Ugly Duckling - a Duck FST (Princess Tutu)
[duck] let it shine
Title: The Ugly Duckling
Fandom: Princess Tutu
Subject: Duck/Ahiru (her growth over the series and her relationships with other characters. As a result, contains some Duck/Mytho and Duck/Fakir and possibly a little Duck/Rue)
File Hosting: Currently, Sendspace and Mediafire. If these don't work for you, or the links die, just comment and I'll upload this again.
Notes: Most of these songs are .mp3, but not all. I have noted which ones are .wmas, as I have a friend who gets very annoyed when people don't do that (hi Alice). This FST consists of 30 songs: twenty-six tracking Duck's canon progress, four dealing with her main relationships. My sincerest apologies if you have seen these songs in any other FSTs before. Please, be patient while downloading! If you have any questions as to why I picked a certain song for a certain point, just ask!

Also, uh. I apologise in advance for how very mediocre the graphics are. If anyone would like to volunteer to help with the other characters' fsts (I'm planning on doing more for Rue, Fakir, and Mytho), especially with the graphics, you are more than welcome! All screen caps here are from corinn at cherrymoonlight, who is wonderful for uploading caps of Princess Tutu.

Now, are you sitting comfortably? Than let's begin...

The Ugly Duckling: A Duck FSTCollapse )