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RP Advertising!

I'm not gonna be playing in this game until June (exams until then DX) but! As I know I have many rpers on my journal, I thought I'd advertise, as it does look really very cool.

alice in wonderland;
You know you've changed the moment you wake up. You can feel it in your very core. Something's wrong. Something's... different. You don't know what, and so you carry on as though nothing has happened. But something is very out of the ordinary for while milling about doing whatever it is that you do, you see, dashing past you and hardly paying you any mind, a white rabbit with a pocket-watch. Intrigued, you follow him, and find yourself tumbling down, down, down into a strange new world. Or perhaps you fell through a Looking Glass after you were standing too close? No matter, either way is acceptable. The point of the matter is that are no longer where you were and you may very well no longer be who you were and nothing in this world seems to make any ounce of sense at all.

And before you appears a cat with a skeletal appearance and wide, toothy grin, to tell you a tale of misery and woe and girl long dead and a deadly foe. "Kill the Queen," the Cat will bide, "The Queen of Hearts, she must be dead." Fight your way, through thick and thin, as she, the girl Alice, once did, to Queensland where Her Majesty resides, and with your Vorpal Blade in hand, strike her down. You cannot get out of this madhouse until then, the world itself your new friend and foe. And speaking of that, whom here do you trust? The creatures in this world can be one or the other, and it is not just a fight against them, but against those who have also found there way here. And only a few find the way.

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